Service Overview

We can provide CCTV Systems for a variety of purposes, from small shop or office installations to large multi camera systems used at Train Stations to large Industrial Depots and Schools. We are able to offer multi-site systems to suit any of your security needs and are able to advise you of the planning and implementing of such a system.

Benefits of the CCTV Installation in Your Buildings and Organisation

  • Reduce vandalism with visible surveillance cameras and signs acting as a deterrent
  • Significantly cut employee theft with the knowledge of being viewed and recorded
  • Reduce the probability of theft and shop lifting
  • reduction in break and enter due to the visual element of the security camera systems
  • Provide your organization the evidence it needs for any important litigation
  • Visual video recording of incidents that relate to work health and safety, including slips, trips, falls, breaks, threats and intrusion
  • Remote viewing of the building or workplace for monitoring, allowing flexible workplace arrangements
  • Ability to provide verification on alarms without costly patrols and alarm response personnel on the premises
  • Assist in determining the cause of and minimising compensation claims
  • Monitoring of employees can assist employees in ways to improve productivity and ways to improve safety, thus making a more efficient and safer workplace for all
  • Compliance with legal and regulatory obligations in industries such as the financial services sector and liquor and gaming industries.
  • Complete Smart IP Security Systems

    To meet All Your Security Needs

License Plate Recognition

Allows you to automatically capture license plate numbers, letters, and color and vehicle model, logo, and color. Date and time are also recorded to enforce parking permits or time-limited zone rules and to conduct lot inventories.

Access Control Module

This system checks permission of door access and authorises you to manage permissions centrally from a single location without headaches. It offers an enhanced integration with your CMS so you can conveniently manage video alarm events with either system. Our Access Control Configuration software is browser-based, allowing you to access your system anytime from anywhere.

Transact Module

When integrated with POS, POS data is displayed alongside corresponding video. An irregular transaction will be detected and recorded, instantly triggering an alarm. The module supports Smart search based on receipt number or POS terminal and works as an effective investigation tool for loss prevention and resolving customer disputes.

People counting

Accurately counting traffic that enters or exits your store or facility captures people flow data, inventory, and other statistics for analysis, empowering you to make smarter business decisions.

Line Crossing Detection

This function can detect objects such as persons or vehicles crossing a defined virtual line. It is an ideal solution for monitoring entrances, parking lots or other limited areas.

Intrusion Detection

In the case of intrusion detection, alarm and event recording are auto-triggered simultaneously. Applying the latest algorithms, it automatically analyses the intruder’s dimension ratio to reduce false alarms. These features are extremely beneficial for defined area protection.

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