Parking Solutions

Personal Parking Space Protection

ICS-Parking Boy® is a low cost, self contained, remote controlled barrier. It secures a parking space – or restricts access to a driveway – with the click of a button from inside the car.

ICS My Spot 200 ICS-My Spot

No wiring to the unit is required: the power to raise and lower the barrier is captured from the vehicle’s weight and stored in a proprietary mechanism in the unit. Its rugged design withstands cars driving over any part of the unit. ICS-Parking Boy can be submerged in standing water and is designed to avoid damage if the barrier is forced.

Installation is simple and requires no site preparation or digging. ICS-Parking Boy is anchored to the roadway with supplied anchor bolts. Alternately ICS-Parking Boy can be glued to the surface using an optional epoxy kit. The unit is tamper and theft resistant.

Activate the key-chain transmitter from inside your car and the barrier drops to allow access. image1  
Drive over the barrier into your space. image2
After you drive out, activate the transmitter to raise the barrier. It will reliably guard your space until your return. image3
You can raise the barrier once your car is in its spot, to provide theft deterrence. image4

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