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At ICS we can supply, install and maintain a wide range of barriers suited to a variety of applications including car parks, private roads, motorway toll booths, along with a range of applications where access control is required.

Our barriers use standard, serially produced components with excellent heavy-duty performance. Designed to achieve maximum reliability in long-term high-cycle intensive use. Carefully selected materials along with special construction and permanent quality checks in both production of components and during assembly. The whole mechanism is housed in a zinc plated and powder coated cabinet.

The ICS-GPB road barrier is a fast road unit with an adjustable speed in the range of 1 to 6 seconds which is controlled by a microcomputer control unit and a frequency converter that ensures extremely smooth and quiet operation of the barrier and prevents shakes in extreme situations. This extends the service life of the mechanical components.

Automatic Barrier - GPB

ICS-GBP Barrier

Power supply: 230V AC

Power consumption: 370W

Opening time (Arm length): 1-2 sec. (2-3m) 3- 5 sec. (2-5.8m)

Control: microprocessor (with a frequency changer)

Operating temperature: -25C - +45C

Weight: 72kg

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    Optional Accessories:
  • Folding arm barrier
  • Barrier skirt
  • Crash-proof arm barrier Traffic Light
  • Traffic light (red/green)
  • Control: microprocessor (with a frequency changer)
  • Safety photocell & pressure strip
  • External inputs of the control unit
  • Receiver for registered remote controls
  • 2 integrated induction loop detectors
  • Proximity card readers
  • Warning signal light

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Pay Station Entry Terminal Exit Terminal Car Park Barrier Server & Software
Pay Station Entry Terminal Exit Terminal Automatic Barrier Server and Software
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