CCTV Systems

The perfect solution for Buses, Taxis,  PHV's & HGV's

Mobile CCTV Systems are specially produced to withstand the harsh environment that sometimes occurs within a moving vehicle. Standard DVR's just won't cope under these demanding conditions. We have been providing mobile CCTV solutions since 2002 and regard ourselves as one of the most technically qualified and capable providers and advisers of it's kind in the country. All our mobile DVR's have undergone strict in house testing and compliance approval.

We are committed and totally dedicated in being able to offer you the total solution for your mobile security needs as well as offering you first class after sales service and technical support.

All the systems we support are reliable, cost effective and future proof.

All our standard mobile DVR's you can indeed install yourself or we can travel to your premises and undertake the installation for you. Alternatively, we have a large drive-in workshop located at our premises about 1 mile from Cardiff City Centre, where if required, all work can be carried out under dry and controlled conditions, no matter what the weather.

Our transport CCTV systems are proven in the field and are currently in operation all over the UK. We offer leading edge technology and an innovative approach to all our customers.

    Tough System for a Tough Job
  • High quality video compression
  • High temperature resistance and vibration resistant
    most harsh environment for data safety
  • Location tracking via GPS
  • Remote access by LAN or Internet
  • Removable hard drives allows offline viewing, via a PC
  • Solid State hard drive variants available
  • Ignition control power management
  • Low power consumption
Typical Installation
Typical Installation
Sample video

Help with crime reduction inside your vehicle by fitting a mobile CCTV recording system, simple to operate and offering total reassurance. CCTV is proven to help protect your property and deter potential criminals such as fare dodging, assault, vandalism and theft and with the growing number of crimes committed on taxi and bus drivers, can you really afford to be with out it?

For information on the ICS Mobile CCTV range please click the links below.

ICS-MDVR-200 Series ICS-MDVR-300 Series ICS-MDVR-400 Series ICS-MDVR-600 Series
Mobile DVR - ICS - MDVR200 Series Mobile DVR- 300 Series ICS-MDVR-400 Series ICS-MDVR-600 Series
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ICS-MDVR-800 Series ICS-MDVR-900 Series ICS-MDVR-1200 Series Accessories & Cameras
Mobile DVR - ICS - MDVR800 Series Mobile CCTV- ICS-MDVR-900 Series Mobile CCTV - ICS-MDVR-1200 Series Mobile CCTV cameras and accessories
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