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Since 2002 ICS has been actively involved in dedicated Mobile CCTV systems that can be used on-board Trains. We believe we have come a long way in the last 9 years and are now in the position to be able to provide you with the very latest and advanced railway MDVR system in the world.

Not all CCTV systems work well on-board trains they need to operate in very harsh conditions and special consideration must be given when creating and designing a system that truly offers total reliability.

Our transport CCTV systems are proven in the field and are currently in operation all over the UK. We offer leading edge technology and an innovative approach to all our customers.


All the systems we support are reliable, cost effective and future proof.

    We provide:
  • First class technical support from professional and experienced engineers
  • Customisable service agreements that satisfy your exact requirements.
  • Customise, design and certify the system.
  • Extended guarantees
  • Research and Development


train camera Our Mobile CCTV video footage has been seen on Crime-Watch UK

Our latest P22 offers all this and more with its unique software interface and innovative, feature rich design, no other MDVR even comes close.

    Just some of the main features include:-
  • Unique temperature controller, allowing the unit to operate in extremely cold temperatures
  • Real time GPS tracking (with map overlay and distance \ perimeter alarms)
  • 2TB +  of removable storage, with built in anti-vibration technology
  • Real time 16 channels full D1 recording
  • 400fps across unit
  • 3G, Wi-Fi, Ethernet connectivity offering live video feeds.
  • Vehicle speed report with alarm integration
  • USB direct download or via 3G or wireless network
  • G-Force sensors for acceleration and braking with reporting
  • Centrally based video server software
  • Vibration/movement start-up (optional)


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