Access Control

Biometric Door Entry Systems

The Fingerprint Door Lock with Keypad from ICS is the easiest way to unlock a Door. Keep the key in your pocket or purse, to open the door, just press the fingerprint sensor with your registered finger or enter your PIN. It is great for a house keeper or Guest or anyone that you would rather not have a key to enter your House, Office, Meeting Room or Storage Area. It is easy to install and configure. Requires 4 AA Batteries which last about 1 year in normal operation.

The state of the art ICS Biometric Lock is set for home, office or meeting room.
The advanced technology of the ICS Biometric Lock comes equipped with five latch security and is ready to install. It is made from Zinc alloy material with polished gold
edge and pearl chrome that offers a secured sleek application.

The ICS Biometric Lock allows fingerprints to be enrolled and erased directly on lock, no PC connection is required. Easy Keys are often lost, stolen or forgotten, your fingerprint is always with you.

ICS Biometric LockThe ICS Biometric Lock is so easy to use, your children are able to gain access to their home without the hassle of keeping track of keys. If you jog, walk, run or garden, there is no need to carry your keys. The ICS Biometric Lock gives you the confidence that loved ones will be able to gain access to your home when you can't be there.

Affordable, Reliable, Easy and Secure. The ICS Biometric Lock ensures you the high tech access to your home, office or rooms you want secured through simple fingerprint recognition.

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