Access Control

Access Control Systems

Norpass2 is a flexible, fully integrated access management system that is easy to use.

Clear and easily understood screens allow instant updating of security arrangements and the control of access to each managed area.
Individual cards can be rapidly programmed to enable each cardholder to have access only to those restricted areas that correspond to their status and responsibilities. Furthermore, the time that they can gain access to these area can also be restricted.

CRC200 / CRC220 card reader controllers manage access through one or two doors, barriers etc. and will validate each card, check the cardholder’s rights to access the area to which they are attempting to enter, and then take the appropriate action.

All reader controllers are linked to the management system via a data interface. The controllers are regularly updated with card information and provide feedback to the management system on events that have taken place at the access points under their control. In this way, the whole installation can be managed from the hosting PC running the access control software.

Norpass2 has a card capacity of 65,000 with fast and simple card data management and a badge printing facility for rapid issuing of cards.

This access control software can control up to 64 doors / barriers etc. and is compatible with all standard reader types (e.g. Proximity, Magnetic Stripe, HyperX, Smartcard etc.).

Norpass2 Diagram

Key Features

  • 65,000 card capacity with fast and simple card data management
  • Windows 2000 & XP compatible
  • Microsoft Access database management system with SQL server option
  • Single user application supporting remote access from other PCs via their web browser and a LAN/WAN connection
  • Communication with controllers via RS232, RS485 or TCP/IP
  • Powerful database sort & filter functions
  • 32 Access levels and 16 time zones
  • Integral badge printing facility with picture pop up - NEW!
  • Real time event logging and system management with full historical reporting
  • Timed and physical anti-passback configuration
  • Alarm monitoring of fire exits etc.
  • Operator or auto acknowledgement of events
  • Roll call/muster report option
  • Remote door control
  • Single or batch card validation
  • Customised or pre-programmed card profiles
  • Audit trail

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