Access Control

Access Control Systems
ICS Access Control are designed for controlling and monitoring the movement of vehicles, personnel and assets into, around and out of a site, building or restricted area. Our systems provide important and useful information.
Biometric Door Systems
Affordable, Reliable, Easy and Secure. The ICS Biometric Lock ensures you the high tech access to your home, office or rooms you want secured through simple fingerprint recognition.
Intercom Systems
We can provide and install a wide range of intercom systems depending on your needs. Whether you require small or large scale systems, wired or wireless we can install the system best suited to you.
SCADA Systems
We can supply Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition Systems to monitor and control of a wide range of industrial devices.We use the latest security standards and techniques to ensure your system is not vulnerable to unauthorised use.
Automatic Barriers
At ICS we can supply, install and maintain a wide range of barriers suited to a variety of applications including car parks, private roads, motorway toll booths, along with a range of applications where access control is required.
ICS can supply, install and maintain a range of Automated Hydraulic Bollards. These systems can be controlled via Radio, Pushbutton, Proximity, Swipe Card or any other Access Control Device.