Company Info

Our Clients

We have a widening customer base and currently provide services and equipment to a wide range of customers some of which are named below:

  • First Capital Connect  - Onboard Train CCTV Security System. Installation & Maintenance (41x Class 313 Units mobile CCTV systems).
  • First Great Western  - Railway Station CCTV Systems. Installation & Maintenance
  • Lorol Rail   – Onboard Train CCTV Security Systems. Installation & Maintenance (23 x Class 313 Units & 3 x 506 Class Units)
  • Newport City Council  – Multi-Story Car Parking System, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), CCTV System Installation and Maintenance.
  • Brend Hotels Group   – Barrier and Access Control Equipment (Several Locations).
  • Dewi Sant Housing Association – Automatic Gates and Access Control equipment.
  • Frontier Pitts Ltd – Supply Pay & Display Systems.
  • Aprimatic – Installation and Maintenance of Automatic Barrier Systems.
  • Royal Gwent Hospital – Supply, Install Automatic Barriers and Parking System.
  • Gate-A-Mation – Supply and Install Pay and Display Systems and Pay on Foot.
  • Celsa Manufacturing – Automatic Barriers and Gates.
  • Deltec Couriers – CCTV Systems and Automatic Bollards.
  • British Transport Police – Wireless CCTV System